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11 day black sea tour in trabzon 259981

11-Day Black Sea Tour

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We invite you to a 11 days journey that will be imprinted on your minds. Sumela Monastery that hosts thousands of people every year with its unique architecture and nature, Karaca Cave that presents the visitors a visual recital with its stalactites and stalagmites and Hamsikoy.You will experience a natural wonder Lake Uzungol, Ayder which is on the skirts of the Mount Kackar, Hagia Sophia with its historical aura, Ataturk’s Villa and Lake Sera. You will taste Muhlama-Kuymak, Akcaabat meatballs, rolled cabbage, cabbage soup, corn soup and Lazic pie. You will dance horon and kolbastı, and you will enjoy the sound of the local violin and pipes.

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