Top 20 Things To Do In Timisoara, Romania 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Timisoara, Romania

Full day private day tour to danube gorges from timisoara in timi oara 230081

Full-Day Private Day Tour to Danube Gorges from Timisoara

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One day at The Danube Gorge– nature, beauty, history

We invite you in the most beautiful part of the Danube, The Danube Gorge.

The old Danube will mesmerise us with the stories, the impressive history, and the stunning landscapes with the trail carved through the mountains.

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Small group timi oara cycling tour in timi oara 291131

Small-Group Timișoara Cycling Tour

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Explore one of western Romania’s hidden gems from the saddle on this cycling tour of Timișoara. Cycle through diverse districts such as Elisabetstadt, Fabrikstadt, and Josephstadt as a guide brings centuries of Romanian history to life. Discover top attractions including Victory Square and the fortress wall in the Old Town, and spin through peaceful parks where locals relax. Enjoy personal attention from a guide on this small-group tour, limited to five people.

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3 day domogled valea cernei national park private tour from timisoara in timi oara 198098

3-Day Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park Private Tour from Timisoara

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How about a trip back in time? You may find this hard to believe but only 2 hours from the civilization we will find hamlets that are isolated in the mountains living a very simple life. More than this, you will have the chance to experience their lives, because we are going to spend a night there, at the peasants. On the other side we have the magic world of Tasnei Gorges: wild, untamed, imposing. The trees look like huge bonsai attached to the rock.

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3 day apuseni natural park private tour from timisoara in timi oara 188641

3-Day Apuseni Natural Park Private Tour from Timisoara

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3 Days of adventure! Padis area is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Romania. Well known for the large number of interesting caves that attract thousands of tourists, the most imposing and splendid karst formations in Romania such as Cetatile Ponorului (Fortresses of Ponor) – declared a natural monument, and the bucolic landscape with wild horses and haystacks, the whole area is a paradise for those who want both a relaxing and adventurous holiday.

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Small group day tour from timisoara to arad in timi oara 412036

Small-Group Day Tour from Timisoara to Arad

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Start your day trip to Arad in the morning and discover historical and cultural villages of Banat country which preserved their traditions alive along the way.

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Biking day tour on zarand hills from timisoara in timi oara 290578

Biking Day Tour on Zarand Hills from Timisoara

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Biking on hills, roaming through Arad’s vineyards and forests, enjoying the views of Siria fortress, drink from a miracle spring with its legends and taste a good local wine… Sounds like a great day, right?

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Full day private tour to apuseni natural park from timisoara in timi oara 290541

Full-Day Private Tour to Apuseni Natural Park from Timisoara

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One day trip in one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in Romania: Apuseni Natural Park. Well known for the large number of interesting caves such as Scarisoara Ice Cave, or the bucolic landscapes and the remote villages on top of the mountains.
No doubt, it is a place worth visiting! This is one of those places where you will instantly fall in love with nature.

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2 hour small group walking tour of timisoara in timi oara 407385

2-Hour Small-Group Walking Tour of Timisoara

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Your 2-hour city tour starts in front of your centrally located Timisoara hotel. Explore one of the biggest cities in Romania, built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress form the 13th century. Situated on the northern bank of the Bega River, Timisoara impresses with the charm of its vibrant cultural life, but also with its rich historical heritage. Take your time to discover the first European city that used horse-drawn trams (in 1869) and electrical street lightning (in 1889) and the first Romanian city that reacted at the Revolution in 1989 against the Communist regime.

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