Top 20 Things To Do In Takayama, Japan 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Takayama, Japan

Takayama food and culture walking day tour in takayama 437025

Takayama Food and Culture Walking Day Tour

19 Reviews


Enjoy tasting a variety of local food and saké in Takayama on this 2.5-hour tour. Visit local shops that you can’t find on your own to taste and learn about the culture and history related to them. A local guide will explain the culinary culture and history that developed in Takayama due to its isolated location. Explore the old town with an exotic atmosphere. Soak-up the daily lives of people in Takayama and discover the special fascination of the rural Japan.

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Sake tasting in takayama in takayama 484707

Sake Tasting in Takayama

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This is a sake tasting activity for international travelers in English. You can learn what the difference is between different types of sake, how to make sake and how to pair food with sake. Through this activity, you will understand the basics of sake and be able to choose your favorite sake after joining the activity. The sake tasting is held in Kanoya restaurant, a cozy Japanese restaurant.

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Hida biking day tour in takayama 245079

Hida Biking Day Tour

1 Reviews


Join us for one of the most popular local biking tours in Hida and feel the local's daily life in the Japanese countryside! Your knowledgeable English-speaking guide will provide you with insight of the history and culture for the area and, by biking with the slow pace, you will have a chance to feel the seasonal beauty and local people's lives in this farming village. This tour will take you to some exclusive places where you can experience the daily activities as well as local culture handed down for generations in Hida.

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Local cooking classes in a private home in hida furukawa in takayama 312210

Local Cooking Classes in a Private Home in Hida Furukawa

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This class is based on this idea of learning the way of life that locals lead and learning about the dishes that are specific to that region. This cooking class will allow you to feel how locals live by first escaping from the big city of Takayama to the rural Hida Furukawa. When you arrive, you will enter a local's house that will host your cooking class. You can learn how to make local food and ask questions about not only food but also locals' lives and culture.

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Private 2days takayama and shirakawago tour from nagoya in takayama 618574

Private 2Days Takayama & Shirakawago Tour from Nagoya

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Visit the best parts of Takayama & Shirakawago with a private English speaking guide. You will be taken to the Sanmachi Street in Takayama, where you'll see the old castle town which has many restaurants, souvenir shops. Walk along the traditional local food street where Mitarashi Dango (rice dumpling in a sweet soy sauce) is the local specialty. The tour will also go to Shirakawago to see Japanese traditional buildings. You will learn the history of Shirakawago, how people have remained those life style. Take a photos of the well-preserved Shirakawago, then your tour will end at Kanazawa.

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Private custom full day tour of shirakawa go from takayama in takayama 267946

Private Custom Full-Day Tour of Shirakawa-go from Takayama

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Shirakawa-go is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site for being a village with houses made in the historical "gassho-zukuri" architecture (thatched roof house). This is an area where you can feel the magnificent nature and old lifestyle culture with Hirase-onsen where the onsen source comes from the foot of sacred mountain Hakusan. This private tour will help to make your trip an unforgettable one.

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Snow scoot tour in takayama 544062

Snow scoot tour

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This is a very easy and the suitable snow activity for beginners and family who have not done skiing and snowboarding before.

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