Top 20 Things To Do In Qingdao, China 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Qingdao, China

Qingdao old city day tour in shandong 231860

Qingdao Old City Day Tour

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Qing Dao is located on the south of Shandong Peninsula. Take you on a journey of the Qingdao's vicissitudes to witness the changing appearance of the old city during hundred of years. Enjoy the amazing beauty of coastal scenery and the perfect combination of mordern buildings and the former residences of celebrities with rich mordern and contemparary history culture, as well as mordern conditions for vacation and exhibition. All the above makes Qing Dao a city that owns the most beautiful seaside scenery in China.

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2 day qingdao tour catedral de san miguel laoshan mountain and in shandong 231873

2-Day Qingdao Tour: Catedral de San Miguel, Laoshan Mountain and Qingdao Beer Museum

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Qingdao is located on the south of Shandong Peninsula in China. Eenjoy the amazing beauty of coastal scenery, the ups and downs of the fairy isle on the sea. Visit the Laoshan Mountain and Catedral de San Miguel and experience perfect combination of modern buildings and natural plants in an urban area. You can see European-style buildings build by the former residences of celebrities and learn more about the rich modern and contemporary history. Experience the amazing Qingdao City that embraces both eastern and western culture and a place that features beautiful mountain, sea and city, a top coastal site throughout China. Also don't miss the famous freshly brewed Qingdao beer at Qingdao Beer Museum!

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2 day qufu historical tour from qingdao by high speed rail in shandong 231888

2-Day Qufu Historical Tour from Qingdao by High Speed Rail

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Visit Confucius hometown in Qufu and experience the Confucianism in China! Witness the Kong Family Mansion that is as large as an imperial palace, the Temple of Confucius as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Confucius Cemetery as the largest private cemetery in the world.

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