Top 20 Things To Do In Puno, Peru 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Puno, Peru

Uros and taquile islands day trip from puno in puno 108917

Uros and Taquile Islands Day Trip from Puno

20 Reviews


Discover two of Lake Titicaca’s famous islands on this full-day tour from Puno. Embark on a cultural journey and explore the islands of Uros and Taquile, and learn about their indigenous people and traditions. While in Peru, don't miss out on this unique opportunity to interact with the Uru and Taquileños.

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Lake titicaca and sun island catamaran cruise from puno in puno 108793

Lake Titicaca and Sun Island Catamaran Cruise from Puno

6 Reviews


Explore Lake Titicaca on a full-day catamaran cruise from Puno! First, travel across the border into Bolivia where you'll board a catamaran that will take you across Lake Titicaca, the sacred lake of the Incas. Then, visit Sun Island and Inti Wata before lounging on the boat and enjoying a delicious lunch. There's no better way to experience Peru than on a relaxing sightseeing cruise on Lake Titicaca!

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Half day trip to sillustani from puno in puno 108882

Half-Day Trip to Sillustani from Puno

3 Reviews


Escape Puno and take a half-day trip to Sillustani, an ancient pre-Incan burial ground located on the shores of Lake Umayo. Discover the roots of the Colla people who were conquered by the Inca in the 15th century. Stroll through the famous above-ground burial sites and discover a hidden city on Peru's beautiful eastern coast.

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Uros kayaking and taquile island day tour in puno 216665

Uros Kayaking and Taquile Island Day Tour

1 Reviews


On this amazing day tour, go kayaking on Lake Titicaca up to the Uros floating islands. Explore the islands and continue on to Taquile Island by boat. Get to know local Aymara and Quechua culture and experience their unique way of living.

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Half day boating tour to uros from puno in puno 242573

Half-Day Boating Tour to Uros from Puno

1 Reviews


Join this 3.5-hour boating tour to Uros from Puno.

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Private day tour of the uros floating islands and taquile island in puno 193443

Private Day Tour of the Uros Floating Islands and Taquile Island

1 Reviews


This private day tour to Lake Titicaca will take you and your group only on a visit to the Uros Floating Islands and Taquile Island.
Don't miss the opportunity to visit the highest navigable lake in the world and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Explore and learn with your private guide about the islands built only of tortora reeds, then get ready to take a ride on a totora reed canoe and visit Taquile Island where you will enjoy a delicious fresh trout from the lake.

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Lake titicaca and sun island overnight catamaran cruise from puno in puno 112047

Lake Titicaca and Sun Island Overnight Catamaran Cruise from Puno

1 Reviews


Explore Lake Titicaca and Sun Island on an overnight cruise from Puno! After hotel pickup, head to Copacabana and board a catamaran to begin your adventure through Peru’s Lake Titicaca, one of the largest lakes in South America. Visit Sun Island and the town of Challapampa, where you’ll discover the rich history and legacy of the Inca culture. Visit the Inca temples Chincana and Pilko Kaina and learn about the importance of these ancient Inca structures. This overnight tour is perfect if you're looking for a mix of history and beauty while visiting Peru.

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Private tour to aramu muru portal from puno in puno 268288

Private Tour to Aramu Muru Portal from Puno

1 Reviews


You will visit the famous portal called Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca located 80km away from Puno. It is an important Andean ritual place for past Andean cultures like Tiahuanaco, Lupacas and Incas.

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