Top 20 Things To Do In Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Puerto jim nez bird watching tour in puerto jim nez 197677

Puerto Jiménez Bird Watching Tour

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Join this 1.5-hour tour of the rainforests of Costa Rica which hosts over 350 bird species on the South Pacific and various endangered ones.
This fascinating tour is for early explorers. You will learn what type of trees attract which birds and why. Hear about the protecting habitat projects in the region, how to monitor forest restoration, etc.
We guaranty you to see the spectacular scarlet macaw parrot!

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Rain forest trek in puerto jim nez in puerto jim nez 197459

Rain Forest Trek in Puerto Jiménez

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Discover flamboyant bird species, intriguing mammals and captivating insects while hiking in primary lush forest.
A guide will point out some fascinating trees, plants and flowers of Central America.

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Horseback riding in puerto jim nez in puerto jim nez 196949

Horseback Riding in Puerto Jiménez

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Horse ride through the wild rainforest, the lowland meadow, the mountains, the truly jungle, and the Pacific coastal rocky beaches.

We enables people of all ages to experience views capes and hidden treasure nature reserves.
Enjoy a nice breeze overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the top of the mountain.
Learn interesting facts related to the vegetation of Costa Rica and get to chance to observe different kind of birds, reptiles and mammals free in the nature.

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Puerto jim nez forest evening tour in puerto jim nez 199461

Puerto Jiménez Forest Evening Tour

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Walk in the completely dark rainforest with only a front light to guide you!
Nocturnal tours are not only wild, but fascinating experiences. Various interesting animals only show up at night, as some venomous colorful frogs and snakes. Identify sounds and sights before a creature appear in your way to scare you!

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