Top 20 Things To Do In Osaka, Japan 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Osaka, Japan

Kyoto and nara day tour including golden pavilion and todai ji temple in osaka 149204

Kyoto and Nara Day Tour Including Golden Pavilion and Todai-ji Temple from Osaka

206 Reviews


See the main sights of both Kyoto and Nara in one day! This day trip from Osaka takes you on a morning tour of Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto Imperial Palace and Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine. After a Japanese lunch, visit landmarks in nearby Nara, home to Kasuga Shrine and the impressive Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple. Upon hotel pickup, your guide will accompany you by motor coach, JR Rail and Kintetsu Rail, and inform you about the cultural treasures in each historical capital.

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Day trip by bus to kyoto nara and kobe from osaka in osaka 350648

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe from Osaka

83 Reviews


This is a day trip from Osaka to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. Tour sites you will visit include: Kyoto Arashiyama, Kinkaku-ji, Nara Todaiji Temple and Park, and the Kobe MOSAIC. With convenient pickup near hotels located in Umeda and Namba, your trip will be culturally-enriching, but also easy!

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Kyoto day tour of golden pavilion nijo castle and sanjusangendo from in osaka 150635

Kyoto Day Tour of Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle and Sanjusangendo from Osaka

61 Reviews


Tour Kyoto’s famous landmarks all in one day, traveling by rail from Osaka! Visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites in the former royal capital, including Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) and Kiyomizu Temple. You'll observe classical Japanese life in the elegant gardens of Heian Shrine, explore the Kyoto Imperial Palace and view 1,001 Bodhisattva statues at Sanjusangendo Hall. A local guide offers informative commentary throughout your day trip, including lunch, until you return to Osaka by train.

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Osaka full day walking tour with osaka river cruise in osaka 149202

Osaka Full-Day Walking Tour with Osaka River Cruise

59 Reviews


Go for a stroll through Osaka and see its highlights on this guided walking tour, including a 1-hour river cruise on the Aqua Liner. You'll enjoy lunch and visit Osaka's famous attractions with a knowledgeable guide, such as Osaka Castle and the Floating Garden Observatory. From the river, view the Twin Towers and City Hall on Nakanoshima lsle, and enjoy sweeping views all the way to Awaji Island from the Umeda Sky Building.

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Osaka Walking Tour

58 Reviews


See and experience the unique and fun Osaka in 3-hours! You will have a chance to walk through nostalgic neighborhood, eat delicious Osaka local food and meet fun locals!

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Kyoto morning tour of kinkakuji temple nijo castle and kyoto imperial in osaka 150513

Kyoto Morning Tour of Kinkakuji Temple, Nijo Castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace from Osaka

49 Reviews


See Kyoto highlights on this 6-hour tour from Osaka! Visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites — Ninjo Castle and Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) — as you tour Japan’s former capital with an experienced local guide. You’ll also visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Kyoto Handicraft Center, traveling round-trip by train from Osaka. Enjoy impressive displays of the seasons at these landmarks, including cherry trees in full blossom in spring!

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Deep Osaka All-Inclusive Nighttime Foodie Cultural Experience

45 Reviews


Join us for a just slightly offbeat, fully all-inclusive night tour of Tenma and Kyobashi, two of Osaka's most well-known local food and drink areas! You'll get to eat typical Osaka food, have a few drinks, frolic with the locals, and have all sorts of fun along the way! Our guides are top-flight entertainers with native or truly near-native skills in your language, plus Japanese fluency. This small group tour (6 guests or less -- and it usually is less), combines history with adventure, as you explore the nooks and crannies of these very old parts of this awesome city. You're sure to have a great time getting to know the REAL Osaka, and be welcomed as a friend in the establishments we visit and the neighborhoods we stroll. We pride ourselves on quality from guide to food, and can't wait to provide you with an unforgettable night out.

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Osaka afternoon walking tour with osaka river cruise in osaka 150905

Osaka Afternoon Walking Tour with Osaka River Cruise

42 Reviews


Combine the best of Osaka on this half-day walking tour in the afternoon. With your expert and friendly guide, explore Osaka Castle — the city’s best-known sight that is especially popular during cherry blossom season. Then take a 1-hour river cruise on the Aqua Liner, a pleasure boat with panoramic views including Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building and City Hall on Nakanoshima lsle.

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Hiroshima and miyajima day tour from osaka in osaka 174518

Hiroshima and Miyajima Day Tour from Osaka

36 Reviews


See Hiroshima’s historic sites on this 13-hour tour from Osaka. Ride a bullet train to Hiroshima and then a boat to Miyajima Island, where you’ll see the majestic Itsukushima Shrine. Then head back to Hiroshima to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum and explore exhibits that include remnants from the day the atomic bomb was dropped on the city in 1945.

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Osaka Cooking Class

35 Reviews


Try your hand at cooking home of a local chef. Your class introduces you to world of Japanese cuisine as you prepare the Osaka specialties of takoyaki and okonomiyaki, as well as delicious miso soup to pair. after main meal you try whisk green tea(Matcha) and Taiyaki(popular street fish shaped waffle)

Learn how to prepare miso soup from scratch.

main courses of the day—takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The 2 dishes are iconic specialties of Osaka, which is lauded as the food capital of Japan. As you prepare takoyaki—fried balls of wheat flour batter wrapped around a chewy piece of octopus—learn how to cut the octopus down to the proper size and perfect your timing for rotating the batter in the unique, ball-shaped pan. Continue with okonomiyaki, a savory and filling pancake typically made with cabbage, flour, egg, and dried bonito flakes.

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Nara afternoon tour of todaiji temple deer park and kasuga shrine in osaka 150515

Nara Afternoon Tour of Todaiji Temple, Deer Park and Kasuga Shrine from Osaka

35 Reviews


Enjoy an afternoon visit to Nara, whose combined historic monuments make the ancient city a UNESCO World Heritage site. This imperial capital from the 8th century is full of cultural treasures, including some of Japan's oldest Buddhist temples. Ride the JR rail from Osaka to Kyoto, where you’ll transfer by comfortable coach to Nara. After your tour of Todaiji Temple, Deer Park and Kasuga Shrine with a knowledgeable guide, you’ll return to Osaka by train.

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Kyoto Cultural Forest, Shrine and Temple Tour with Options

34 Reviews


Discover the World Heritage-listed Kyoto and visit the must-see sights in a day!  Travel on an air-conditioned coach on this 9 to 11-hour tour and get the chance to visit,

Kiyomizu-Dera temple,

Sanju-san-gen-do Temple,

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine -Senbon Torii-,

Arashiyama and more.

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Sushi Cooking Class in Osaka

21 Reviews


2.5-hour sushi-making lesson takes place.

Watch as your instructor prepares sushi rice, followed by a demo on how to make sushi the professional way, which includes rolling sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish) and other fresh ingredients into dried seaweed called

nori. When it's your turn, enjoy plenty of practice using the various fillings and techniques that  with the group.

Once you complete your hands-on lesson, gather with your fellow sushi connoisseurs to bite into the rolls, which are served alongside miso soup, a Japanese omelet and other snacks.

Cooking lesson is not use knife for easy join all type of customers.

your dishes are not all,after sushi eat try tea ceremony(whisk matcha),and popular Japanese sweets fish shaped waffle.

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Himeji castle and akashi kaikyo bridge from osaka in osaka 174078

Himeji Castle and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from Osaka

16 Reviews


This full-day walking tour takes you to one of Japan’s national treasures: the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Himeji Castle. Leave by rail from Osaka for a visit to the 16th-century castle walls built to resemble a white heron, and enjoy a lunch buffet. A knowledgeable guide also takes you to the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, where you can stroll the Maiko Marine Promenade for scenic views.

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Private full day charter including osaka nara or kyoto from osaka in osaka 458159

Private Full Day Charter including Osaka, Nara, or Kyoto from Osaka

13 Reviews


Enjoy a private 8 hour tour from Osaka in a private vehicle with your English/Chinese speaking driver. Visit Osaka, Kyoto and the Nara area. There are 2 types of cars available including a mid-sized passenger car or a mini-van. Both have heating and air conditioning systems, and are also equipped with Wi-Fi.

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Day trip by bus to kyoto from osaka in osaka 241988

Day Trip by Bus to Kyoto from Osaka

9 Reviews


This is an easy, culturally-enriching bus trip from Osaka to Kyoto. The tour stops at the Fushimi Inari temple and the UNESCO world heritage sites, the Kiyomizu-dera temple and the Kinkakuji temple. There are several convenient pickup locations nearby hotels in Umeda and Namba.  For tours between May 1st and October 1st a 3-hour visit to the Kiyomizu temple is included.

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Osaka's Best and Brightest by Private Vehicle

9 Reviews


Looking for a full-day, private vehicle tour that covers top spots with a fun, knowledgeable, and truly fluent English speaker? You've found it. We show you Dotonbori, Osaka Castle, Shin-sekai, a view from high above, and more! Plus, get some local insight and interesting commentary at some of our other recommended stops. All of this at your pace, with your own personal driver/guide, and high quality vehicle service. Your guide is *guaranteed* to be a native English speaker or honest equivalent.

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Tea ceremony in a kimono in osaka in osaka 526240

Tea Ceremony in a Kimono in Osaka

7 Reviews


You will make Green tea (Matcha) in an ancient style tea ceremony room wearing Kimono. Kimono is prepared for both males and females.

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12 hour sightseeing trip from osaka to kyoto nara and kobe in osaka 437059

12-Hour Sightseeing Trip from Osaka to Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe

7 Reviews


Adventure out of Osaka for the day and take a 12-hour trip to see Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe with an English-speaking tour conductor. Visit sites such as Kyoto Arashiyama, Nara Todaiji Temple and Park, and the Kobe Mosaic and choose from two convenient meeting points located in Umeda and Namba for tour pickup. Board your bus for a culturally-enriching and fun filled day. Tour buses can seat up to 42 passengers, which will provide you the opportunity to make new friends and memories.

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Mobile wifi hotspot rental at osaka kansai international airport in osaka 338346

Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental at Osaka Kansai International Airport

6 Reviews


Reserve the fast, reliable, and unlimited mobile WiFi hotspot that provides you with internet access on the go in Japan! Convenient pickup and drop-off at Kansai International Airport, also called Osaka Airport, and never worry about international roaming charges ever again. One hotspot can connect up to 10 devices so you only need to rent one to have your entire family or group of friends covered.

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Kyoto afternoon tour to heian shrine sanjusangendo hall and kiyomizu in osaka 149209

Kyoto Afternoon Tour to Heian Shrine, Sanjusangendo Hall and Kiyomizu Temple from Osaka

6 Reviews


Travel round-trip by rail to Kyoto and visit key cultural landmarks in the former capital. View the splendid gardens of Heian Shrine, see 1,000-armed statues at Sanjusangendo Hall and take in beautiful panoramic views from the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kiyomizu Temple. Aboard a comfortable coach, you’ll explore these iconic sites with a knowledgeable local guide who informs you about the city’s rich religious heritage.

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Osaka Backstreet Night Tour

5 Reviews


Combine the famous food scene of Osaka with our local knowledge of some of the most unique drinking establishments in town! Enjoy great local food, delicious drinks and boutique bars on a walking tour through the heart of Namba, Shinsaibashi and Amemura. Sample local favourites including fresh sushi, grilled yakitori and a huge range of drinks possibilities as your English speaking guide expertly navigates through the backstreets.

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Mt koya day trip from osaka including okunoin and danjo garan temples in osaka 174335

Mt Koya Day Trip from Osaka Including Okunoin and Danjo Garan Temples

5 Reviews


In ancient times, a journey to Mount Koya, long considered one of the world’s most sacred mountains, could take several days on foot. These days, you can see the UNESCO World Heritage site on a day trip with provided transport (by rail, bus and cable car) from Osaka. This famed Buddhist retreat on the Kii Peninsula is home to more than 100 Buddhist temples. After an authentic Japanese lunch, your guide leads you to Okunoin and Danjo Garan, two of its most beautiful temples surrounded by stunning pagodas, Buddha statues, gates and mandalas.

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Private Car Full Day Tour of Osaka Temples, Gardens and Kofun Tombs

5 Reviews


Osaka is a bustling city chock full of "big city" things to do, but there's another side to it as well. This tour takes you from your hotel to notable temples, a historic entertainment quarter, gardens, and the famous "kofun" tombs in Osaka and south to Sakai City, all in a private, luxury vehicle. Your native or equivalent English-speaking driver/guide will ensure the trip is light and fun, while also keeping it intellectually stimulating and informative in a well-rounded, accessible way.

As this is a private tour, discussions about changes to the itinerary are welcome! Depending on your request, additional charges may apply.

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Evening Street Food Hopping Tour in Downtown Osaka

5 Reviews


Enjoy the best street food experience with a professional local guide on your private tour. Osaka, the city of merchants, is the place with the nickname “the kitchen of Japan” since it has long been the center of the rice exchange market and was the logistic hub during the Samurai age. The unique atmosphere and culinary culture of Osaka remains unchanged even today after around 300 years. In the evening, neon billboards light up every corner of the city. You will have a chance to experience this local way of life as you hop around the street food stands and restaurants.

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Osaka bus and boat hop on hop off tour with subway pass in osaka 509806

Osaka Bus and Boat Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour with Subway Pass

4 Reviews


See Osaka at your own pace by bus and cruise with this 2-Day hop on hop off tour. Explore Osaka's most popular sights, such as Osaka Castle, Shitennoji Temple, Shinsaibashi, Umeda, and more. Choose between 1 or 2 day subway passes to assist you in getting around the city.

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Private Car Day Trip to the Kobe Mountains, Gardens and Hot Springs from Osaka

4 Reviews


Leave the hustle and bustle of Osaka behind, as you are whisked via highway in a luxury car to the mountains that rise above nearby Kobe. Over the course of your private tour, you will ride a historical cable car, visit impressive gardens and a hot spring at Arima Onsen, with a native (or equivalent) English speaking guide providing information, insight, and fun.

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Half day osaka 4 hour off the beaten track walking tour in osaka 470693

Half-Day Osaka 4-Hour Off-The-Beaten Track Walking Tour

3 Reviews


This is your tour if you demand both the big sights, as well as a walk on the local side. Your guide will be a native English speaker who also speaks Japanese, guaranteed.

The first stop on this 4-hour walking tour is Osaka Castle Park. The castle itself is beautiful on the outside, and in a lovely park. You'll also take in some nice views and be able to immerse yourself in nature. Next, it's off to Osaka's famous Koreatown, which is actually fairly Japanese at this point, but more importantly a vibrant slice of old Japan. This is a known local shopping neighborhood with open markets galore. From there, the tour visits southern entertainment quarters, Tennoji and Shin-Sekai.

Finally, a Shinsaibashi to Namba exploration, ending near manga nirvana. Here, you can catch the famous "running man" scene at Dotombori, then end the tour in an even deeper Namba area, in the cooking supplies district.

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Kyoto private tour from Osaka(Shore excurtion available from Osaka or Kobe port)

3 Reviews


Visit Japanese beautiful traditional town, Kyoto with a private guide! It's the gem in Japan.

As it's a private tour, you can relax and visit sights with your own pace.

This tour covers most popular sites like Fushimi Inari shrine, Geisha area,

Golden pavilion and Arashiyama bamboo forest. 

Tour guide will meet you at your accommodation / Osaka port / Kobe port and start the tour hassle-free.

You can choose transportation method depending on your needs. (To be paid separately)

Use subways, local trains and taxis like locals riding public transportation or hire a van for door to door convenience or if you are JR Rail Pass holder, maximize the use it.

Estimate transportation cost is listed in the exclusion section.

Please clarify choice of transportation when booking this tour.

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Learn The Katana 'Sword' Technique of Samurai and Ninja

3 Reviews


How about learning the techniques of Samurai and Ninja during your stay in Osaka?

Professional instructor will teach you the movement of katana and shriken throwing.

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Private tour arashiyama and fushimi inari tour from osaka in osaka 345256

Private Tour: Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari Tour from Osaka

3 Reviews


Explore the sights of Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari on this full-day private tour from Osaka. Explore the famed red gates of Fushimi Inari and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tenryuji, known for its beautiful architecture, serene garden, and pond. After strolling through a bamboo forest, enjoy a kaiten (conveyer belt) sushi experience at a local restaurant.

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Osaka Full-Day Private Tour with Nationally-Licensed Guide

2 Reviews


Enjoy an efficient, full-day walking tour of Osaka accompanied by a nationally-licensed, experienced multilingual guide! Your guide will help you explore Japan's second-largest city while introducing both modern and traditional sides of this colorful, dynamic metropolis.

Start your day with a morning pickup at your hotel, then it's off to the races! Let us know what you would like to experience and we will customize a six-hour tour that's best for you!

Note*1: Please select your must-see spots from a list in the tour information to create your customized itinerary.
Note*2: The Nationally-licensed Tour Guide-Interpreter certification is issued by the Japanese government requires a good knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and history.

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Private Alphard Hire in Osaka Kyoto Nara Kobe with English Speaking Driver

2 Reviews


This tour offers a dedicated car with driver to travel around Osaka Kyoto Kobe and Nara sightseeing spots.

Suggested Itinerary:

Osaka Area:

Hotel in Osaka -> Osaka Castle -> Osaka Bay Area -> Shinsekai -> Hotel in Osaka

Kyoto Area:

Hotel in Osaka-> Kiyomizu Temple -> Fushimi Inari Taisha -> Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest) -> Hotel in Osaka

You are also free to customize your own itinerary

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Universal studios japan 1 day pass in osaka 529086

Universal Studios Japan 1 Day Pass

2 Reviews


This is a one-day Studio Pass for Universal Studios Japan™ in Osaka! Here, you'll be able to experience what it's like behind the scenes of your favorite Hollywood movies at one of the only two locations in Asia. You will be able to enjoy attractions like the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride 4K3D, Jurassic Park - The Ride®, Jaws® and Terminator 2:3-D. You'll also be able to experience the magic at the Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade village in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™.

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Japanese traditional taiko drum experience in osaka in osaka 354615

Japanese Traditional Taiko Drum Experience in Osaka

2 Reviews


Book the 1-hour traditional Japanese drum "taiko" class in Osaka! Taiko  developed through the long history of Japan along with various traditional art forms such as Noh, Kyo-gen, Nagauta, and Kabuki. Wadaiko especially refers to a taiko of Japanese origin. It is a compound word, which consists of "wa"(Japanese) and "daiko"(a suffix of the word "taiko"). Your professional and friendly English-speaking instructor will show you how to play Japanese traditional song with Japanese drum.

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Kimono Experience in Osaka

2 Reviews


Kimono experience in Osaka like in Osaka like no other. Wear the kimono inside our facility and take many pictures in front of sevral backdrops. We have a wide variety of kimonos and yukatas. 

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Japanese sweets making

2 Reviews


A unique sweets making and wagashi cooking experience in Osaka that will make your travel memorable.
You will make Japanese sweets called nerikiri ideal for taking back home as a souvenir. Your host will kindly explain in English and demonstrate how to make delicious Japanese sweets. These sweets can be adjusted for the season or your favorite shape or character.

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Day Trip to Mt Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland (includes tickets for 3 attractions)

2 Reviews


Enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo with this adrenaline filled day tour to Fuji-Q Highland.
Breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in nature's beauty at Mt. Fuji 5th Station and spend 3 thrilling hours adventuring on the many attractions Fuji-Q Highland has to offer.

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Private osaka custom full day tour by chartered vehicle in osaka 264393

Private Osaka Custom Full-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle

2 Reviews


See Osaka your own way by chartering a private vehicle. Choose a limousine, van, or bus, and create your own 8-hour sightseeing tour. Learn about Japanese history at Osaka Castle, soak up the views from the Umeda Sky building, and see where the local nightlife happens in the Dotonbori district. A driver is included and, if you wish, you can upgrade your tour to include a guide.

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Muslim friendly walking tour of osaka with halal lunch in osaka 479917

Muslim-Friendly Walking Tour of Osaka with Halal Lunch

2 Reviews


Osaka, which has a 1,500-year history as the "water capital," was the center of Japan between the 16th and 19th centuries. Osaka was also the home of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the father of the modern Japanese unification. You’ll get to visit his castle, the Osaka Castle, and learn why even today Osaka has a great appeal and is still known domestically as the nation’s kitchen. While Tokyo may be the biggest city in Japan, Osaka has always flourished as a center of the Japanese economy. Today’s visitors to Japan, in addition to exploring Tokyo and Kyoto, should not pass up the opportunity to explore the bustling metropolis of Osaka!

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