Top 20 Things To Do In Nîmes, France 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Nîmes, France

Mobile wifi everywhere in nimes in nimes 242091

Mobile Wifi Everywhere in Nimes

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You will get the best solution to get the internet throughout your trip in France, with the rental of a personal WiFi hotspot, also called "Pocket WiFi" or "MiFi"! You book it before your trip and receive it at your hotel or rental flat everywhere in France. At the end of your rental, you simply return it with the prepaid envelope included.

The easiest and cheapest way to get on the internet here in Nimes. Avoid the frustration of hotel WiFi that is slow and often doesn't work, forget about loosing your contacts and the limits of a French sim card: you own a personal and password protected unit, with unlimited and shareable data.

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Guided tour of nimes the crocodile roman city in nimes 217936

Guided Tour of Nimes, The Crocodile Roman City

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Nîmes is a very famous city of the Southern France. It is considered as a city where the Roman architecture is the best preserved in France. During the tour you can admire the old Roman amphitheatre that was the place where gladiators used to fight. The "square house" or Roman Temple is also a vestige from this brilliant past.
Nîmes is also known to be a place where Religion Wars that divided Protestants and Catholics took place.

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Grotte de la salamandre cave tour in mejannes le clap in m jannes le clap 186530

Grotte de la Salamandre Cave Tour in Mejannes le Clap

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A guided cave tour amongst magical crystals awaits you. The Cave of Salamandre is a cave in the South of France near the village of Mejannes le Clap. Inside the cave, splendid gigantic crystals are lit up with beautiful shifting light and accentuated with atmospheric music, creating a really magical environment.

The experience starts with the pretty nature trail from the parking to the welcome building and terrace - designed by architect Jean-François Daures, well known for his creative ecological designs. For the tour of the cave, you will be assigned a group guide who will narrate your tour, the tour last approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

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1 day charming rides through the wonders of camargue in vauvert 202702

1 Day Charming Rides Through The Wonders Of Camargue

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Let us guide you through the wonders of the Camargue.

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