Top 20 Things To Do In Kamakura, Japan 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Kamakura, Japan

Private kamakura walking tour in kamakura 328341

Private Kamakura Walking Tour

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Kamakura was Japan's first feudal capital from 12th century to 14th century. It is surrounded by 3 mountains and ocean and known for many historically significant Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Come join this 6-hour walking tour to feel the spirit of samurai at its historic sites! You will visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, the biggest shrine in Kamakura area, and Komachi Dori, the most famous street with many interesting shops and delicious street food stands. Also visit Hase Temple, Kotokuin area, and see the big Buddha (also called "Daibutsu" in Japanese)! Your guide will make you are having a lot of fun while learning the history of Japan. Let's walk and talk together in Kamakura!

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Learn to cook traditional japanese food in kamakura in kamakura 251613

Learn to Cook Traditional Japanese Food in Kamakura

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”Washoku”, traditional Japanese cuisine, has been added to UNESCO insensible cultural heritage list on 2013.
You will visit a local house to learn and enjoy cooking either traditional Japanese meal or Shojin cuisine (Japanese vegetarian meal) with a professional Japanese cook.

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Kamakura rickshaw tour in kamakura 234827

Kamakura Rickshaw Tour

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The staff, with a rich knowledge of the city, will help make a special memory for your trip. We will take you to see interesting things you would not find in guidebooks or on websites. The rickshaw's speed is faster than walking but slower than cycling, which makes it a comfortable, wonderful ride. Enjoy Japanese history, traditions, and the seasonal beauties from a rickshaw with our staff's omotenashi (hospitality).

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Kamakura walking tour explore nature and history in kamakura 270881

Kamakura Walking Tour: Explore Nature and History

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Kamakura where ‘Kamakura shogunate’ is the first Japanese Samurai administration had started has a lot of historical temples, shrines, and other historic sites. In this tour, through a walking based on the hiking course from Kita-Kamakura to Hase-dera Temple, you can enjoy the rich nature and the profound history and culture at the same time.
If you are interested in taking our tour, we shall be very happy to arrange a tour itinerary to meet your precise requirements.

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Kamakura walking food tour in kamakura 313893

Kamakura Walking Food Tour

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Enjoy a two and a half hour walking food tour in Kamakura, one of the most ancient cities, also referred to as the Eastern Kyoto of Japan. Sample Kamamura’s local food and snacks at the many shops along Main street, enjoy a scrumptious traditional lunch and end the afternoon with dessert and tea in the shadow of Hachimangu Temple, the most blessed Shinto shrine in Kamakura!

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