Top 20 Things To Do In Hualien, Taiwan 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Hualien, Taiwan

Spectacular hiking in taroko gorge zhuilu old trail in hualien city 294806

Spectacular Hiking in Taroko Gorge: Zhuilu Old Trail

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If you have a day in Hualien and would like for an adventure, the Zhuliu Old Trail is highly recommended as it offers a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the largest marble gorge in the world. You will appreciate scenic views of massive marble cliffs six hundred meters above sea level, and learn about interesting stories of Japanese and local aborigines that once lived on this trial. Since 2 special Hiking permits are needed from Taroko National Park and Mountain Entry Permit from the Police Department for this tour, a minimum of 5 days is necessary to obtain hiking permits prior to date of booking.

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Amazing taroko national park full day tour in hualien city 247866

Amazing Taroko National Park Full-Day Tour

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Book this unique 8-hour tour that offers customized itinerary in Taroko National Park, one of the most beautiful destinations in Taiwan, based on your interests and preference! Whether you are up for trails in the gorge, an unhurried easy-going walk, or an adventure in the hidden secrets of Taroko National Park, your English-speaking guide will tailor a tour just for you and your family.

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Kot cycling challenge king of taroko cycling tour in hualien in hualien city 374353

KOT Cycling Challenge - King Of Taroko Cycling Tour in Hualien

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KOT as known as "King of Taroko". A legendary bicycle route to 3,200m above sea level of Central of Taiwan. Riding your bike to the summit via Taroko National Park from East Taiwan. Along the trip, you will have support by van escort and professional bicycle mechanic accompany. Visit the iconic spots in Taroko National Park, Swallows Grotto, Eternal Spring Shrine in the morning. Then, drive up to 1,600m and begin you bicycle trip. Regular stop get enough rest with your own pace. When reach to the highest point of Taiwan highway, it will become your most valuable moment of Taiwan trip ever.

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Private hualien east coast day tour in hualien city 375607

Private Hualien East Coast Day Tour

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Taiwan's East Rift valley lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountain Range. Volcanic rock has been pushed upward over thousands years before the first groups of people came to the island. Over time sea-eroded platforms and caves formed, rich with varieties of flora and fauna. The land is considered the mother land of the Amis tribe. These natives are experts at fishing and farming. The Amis hold harvest festivals every July and August, welcoming guests to experience the unique island culture.

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Private kenting national park day trip from hualien in hualien city 375920

Private Kenting National Park Day Trip from Hualien

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Driving all the way down to southern part of Taiwan : Kenting from Hualien City through the Costal Highway.  Taiwan railway system has not yet connected to Kenting area inside it yet, so the private transportation is the best way to get there. This day trip takes you to experience the longest highway ever build in Taiwans' highway history as well as to see the sunset beauty of Kenting National Park! After the tour, you will be dropped off at your hotel in Kenting area (please arrange your own stay).

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Private day tour taroko national park from hualien city in hualien city 372969

Private Day Tour: Taroko National Park from Hualien City

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“Taroko”, one of sixteen tribe in Taiwanese aborigines, also in the language means “Old, Wise People”. Taroko National Park is second largest national park of Taiwan located in Hualien county. The park provide several hiking trails can easily access by a vehicle . Also have few medium difficulty trails, which are known all-time favorite routes in Taiwan. If you have an extra day in Taiwan, Taroko National Park is a place where you can see the nature beauty of Taiwan.

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Haulien port shore excursion taroko national park private day tour in hualien city 225904

Haulien Port Shore Excursion: Taroko National Park Private Day Tour

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Splendid landscape has enriched the pure beauty of nature in Hualien. With nature scenery and Taiwanese aboriginal culture, Hualien has become more dynamic than ever and is sure to surprise during your visit. Experience the largest naturally enclosed spaces in the world, Taroko National Park, with amazing cliff and landscape. Also visit the Lushui Trail and the Eternal Spring Shrine to learn more about Taiwan. Don't miss the delicious lunch in the style of Taiwanese aboriginal at a famous local restaurant!

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