Top 20 Things To Do In Hanga Roa, Chile 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Hanga Roa, Chile

Self guided easter island e bike tour in hanga roa 285113

Self-Guided Easter Island E-Bike Tour

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Visit the world’s most remote inhabited island and explore all it has to offer on an electric bicycle. This is a truly unique self-guided experience that takes you through the diverse landscapes of the island and up close and personal with the mysterious Moai statues.

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Private full day easter island moai monuments tour in hanga roa 292738

Private Full-Day Easter Island Moai Monuments Tour

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Easter Island is famous for its hundreds of scattered moai stone statues. On your 7-hour tour, visit amazing sites both restored and in site. Explore the possibilities and make your way through the islands enigmatic history while your guide furnishes a tapestry of history, culture and modern day politics which are catalysts to consider this a mysterious island. See the famous megalithic statues with your own, highly knowledgeable guide who will bring the island's history and archaeology to life.

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