Top 20 Things To Do In Flores, Guatemala 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Flores, Guatemala

Tikal day tour from flores in flores 146368

Tikal Day Tour from Flores

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This full-day tour of Tikal offers the opportunity to see one of Guatemala's most amazing archeological sites. Visit UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tikal National Park (Parque Nacional Tikal) with an expert guide, and learn about the ancient culture that constructed its steep-sided temples and plazas. Explore the beauty of these pre-Columbian Mayan ruins on a day trip from Flores, Santa Elena Peten or Mundo Maya International Airport. Round-trip hotel or airport transport and lunch are included.

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Yaxha day tour from flores in guatemala city 147456

Yaxha Day Tour from Flores

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The ruins of Yaxha comprise one of the largest Mayan complexes of northern Guatemala. A knowledgeable guide will lead you on a tour of the archeological site, including its remarkable temples and impressive pyramids. You’ll learn about the pre-Columbian Mayan culture that constructed this classic ceremonial site, which overlooks the Yaxha and Sacnab lakes. Lunch plus round-trip transport from Flores and Santa Elena Peten hotels, or Mundo Maya International Airport, is included. Enjoy personal attention on this small-group tour, limited to 20 people.

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Ixpanpajul natural park zipline and eco adventure tour from flores in flores 146406

Ixpanpajul Natural Park Zipline and Eco-Adventure Tour from Flores

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Experience the joy of swinging through the treetops at Ixpanpajul Natural Park (Parque Natural Ixpanpaul)! Walk over spectacular suspension bridges and twisting paths on a skyway and then zipline into the jungle canopy. You’ll observe nature from a bird’s-eye-view in Guatemala's splendid Petén forest, which shelters a wide variety of plants, trees and animals. While in Flores, don’t miss a chance to visit this adventure-oriented destination. Round-trip transport from hotels or Mundo Maya International Airport is included.

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Uaxactun day tour from flores in flores 147067

Uaxactun Day Tour from Flores

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Learn about the Mayan culture at Uaxactun, located at the heart of the Mayan world in north-central Guatemala. Tour the archaeological site with a knowledgeable guide and discover its famous observatory, where it is believed the Mayan calendar was developed. You’ll view several architectural complexes and discover how the Mayan system of writing was perfected. Box lunch plus round-trip transport from Flores and Santa Elena Peten hotels, or Mundo Maya International Airport, is included.

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Day trip to ceibal archaeological site in flores 244913

Day Trip to Ceibal Archaeological Site

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Ceibal is located in Peten, at north from Guatemala City.
It's almost for sure you come from Sayaxche (Peten) or Chisec-Raxruja (Alta Verapaz) when visiting Ceibal. Sayaxche is at north of Chisec and Raxruja. The road that takes you to Ceibal is in between and to be accurate, at just minutes from Sayaxche, the nearest city where you can find restaurants and hotels.

Ceibal is still under study and pending for serious research.

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Bird watch tour in ixpanpajul tikal or taxha in flores 254139

Bird Watch Tour in Ixpanpajul, Tikal or Taxha

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Tour with a guide member of the Petén Birder's Club specialized in birds of the region and migratory species, within the Maya Biosphere Reserve. We will find many birds that are very different and most likely, it'll be the first time you'll see them in your life.

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Day trip to uaxactun community from flores in flores 244577

Day Trip to Uaxactun Community from Flores

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Uaxactún is an archaeological site and one of the last traditional Petén communities settled in the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve since the early1900´s.
The site of Uaxactún with its ancient name of Siaan K’aan or Born in Heaven, is located in the north of Petén, Guatemala.

Uaxactún also known as Waxactún, was a major Mayan city situated about twelve miles north of the most important Mayan city, in the classic period, Tikal.
The ceramic Acropolis Plaza sequence that came out of early work there provided the basis for the entire Maya lowland chronology. The different groups in Uaxactún are also the gold standard in the archaeology nomenclature used in all the Maya sites.

The art work in Uaxactún are also among the finest. The earliest examples of the use of Zero by the Maya Culture, are Uaxactún's Stelas 18 and 19, on 357 AD.

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Day tour to pet n itz lake and petencito zoo in flores 254148

Day Tour to Petén Itzá Lake and Petencito Zoo

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Enjoy a tour of the third largest lake in Guatemala, Lake Petén Itza, appreciating the variety of plants and animals that can be seen during the tour. A small visit to Zoo Petencito observing animals in the northern region of Guatemala. A small stop to see the Mirador Canek and visit a small archaeological museum of San Miguel.

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Day trip yaxha archaeological site from flores in flores 244562

Day Trip Yaxha Archaeological Site from Flores

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The Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park is located within the nucleus of the Maya Biosphere Reserve area due to the presence of lakes and wetlands the area has been recognized by the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance.

Maya covers four cities of great importance in the history of this civilization Yaxha, Nakum, Naranjo and Topoxte.
Topoxte; the archaeological site is located at the southwest end of Lake Yaxha and access is possible only by boat. The park preserves a lush tropical forest that is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

There are about 300 species of birds, 42 mammals, 22 fish, 42 reptiles and 14 amphibians.

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Day tour to ixpanpajul natural park in flores 254152

Day Tour to Ixpanpajul Natural Park

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Ixpanpajul, is located 15 minutes from Flores. It is a natural park where you can make ecological activities like Canopy, suspension bridges and horseback riding. It has more than 200 species of trees, over 150 species of birds and about 40 species of mammals. It is the ideal place to appreciate the wildlife and enjoy a walk instead.

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