Top 20 Things To Do In Chengdu, China 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Chengdu, China

Half day chengdu panda breeding center tour with optional baby panda in chengdu 109098

Half-Day Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Tour with Optional Baby Panda Holding

93 Reviews


Spend your morning with the cutest, yet impressive, creatures in China! Visit either the Chengdu Panda Breeding Center or the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Center and take a guided tour of the facility. Tour through the baby and adult panda areas and visit the red panda section to see these small adorable animals -- you’ll even get a chance to hold one!

The first and foremost priority of the facility is to ensure the pandas are living in a safe and stress-free environment. Depending on the condition of the animals or the season of the year there may be some situations where the facility is unable to guarantee panda holding for your tour date. You will be given prior notice and refunded the difference.

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Experience chengdu sichuan cooking class in chengdu 109101

Experience Chengdu: Sichuan Cooking Class

11 Reviews


Want to impress your friends back home with a delectable Chinese meal made entirely by you? Then take part in this four-hour Chengdu cooking course and learn how to cook four different Sichuan meals! Whether you choose the lunch or the dinner option, you will be taught by a professional chef. The best part is you get to dine on your dishes and celebrate your new-found culinary skills with your fellow budding chefs.

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Sichuan culture show and hot pot dinner in chengdu in chengdu 109383

Sichuan Culture Show and Hot Pot Dinner in Chengdu

7 Reviews


On this fabulous night out in Chengdu, watch the incredible Sichuan Opera and enjoy a hot pot dinner. Discover Sichuan customs as you join in the celebration of Sichuan theatrical traditions. The show includes acrobatics, music, humor and more!

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Qingcheng mountain and dujiangyan irrigation system day trip from in chengdu 109632

Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan Irrigation System Day Trip from Chengdu

6 Reviews


Enjoy a day away from the city and experience the grandeur of the Sichuan region’s scenic wonders on this full-day tour to Qingcheng Mountain and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Admire how temples and halls are seemingly carved into the thick forest of bamboo trees and caves at Qingcheng Mountain, where you’ll take a boat ride and a hike with your guide. Marvel at the construction of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, which was built in 256 BC and led to significant irrigation and agricultural development of the region.

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Experience chengdu private tea making tour of mengdingshan tea in chengdu 110908

Experience Chengdu: Private Tea-Making Tour of Mengdingshan Tea Plantation

4 Reviews


There’s no better place to experience the entire tea-making process than at the origin of tea itself – China! On your private tour of Mt Mengding (Mengdingshan) from Chengdu, a local farmer will teach you the whole process of making tea, from harvesting to brewing. Your own private guide will not only bring you to the plantation but also act as a translator between you and the farmer. Enjoy lunch at a local Chinese restaurant and bring home tea you make yourself!

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Private tour huanglongxi ancient town and countryside trekking from in chengdu 150667

Private Tour: Huanglongxi Ancient Town and Countryside Trekking from Chengdu

3 Reviews


Experience the rural lifestyle of local villagers outside Chengdu on a private full-day trip. Your private guide acts as a translator on this interactive tour, including a round-trip trek to the village of Chen Jia Xiang. Hike past orchards along a mountain ridge and stop for a farmhouse lunch, using produce purchased at a vegetable market. You’ll meet villagers at a local teahouse before strolling the streets of Huanglongxi Ancient Town, dotted with magnificent temples.

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Dujiangyan panda base with optional volunteering and photo taking in chengdu 261324

Dujiangyan Panda Base with Optional Volunteering and Photo-taking with Panda

1 Reviews


You will have a chance to participate in the Panda Volunteer Program and take pictures with lovely panda for an additional cost in the new Dujuangyan Panda Base. Work as a panda keeper by cleaning panda domicile, feeding pandas with your own hands, and taking picture with pandas for everlasting memories. This private experience will expand your knowledge of pandas from insider's perspectives.

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