Top 20 Things To Do In Acapulco, Mexico 2021

Top Tours and Activities In Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco city tour in acapulco 36745

Acapulco City Tour

29 Reviews


Located on the west coast of Mexico, this picturesque seaside resort city is the epitome of fun and relaxation. Once the playground of Hollywood's rich and famous, Acapulco has everything a visitor could want - a rich history (including pirates!), vibrant nightlife, stunning scenery and those extraordinary cliff divers!

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Acapulco cliff divers at night in acapulco 42707

Acapulco Cliff Divers at Night

22 Reviews


A trip to Acapulco is not complete until you witness the fearless cliff divers of La Quebrada! Experience the sophisticated atmosphere of the club La Perla restaurant and enjoy a gourmet dinner and drinks.

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Acapulco snorkeling tour in acapulco 146651

Acapulco Snorkeling Tour

7 Reviews


Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun snorkeling from the stunning La Roqueta Island, one of Acapulco's main attractions. With plenty on offer including a range of restaurants, secluded spots and colorful marine life, La Roqueta Island is sure to be a hit with the entire the family.

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Acapulco shore excursion comprehensive acapulco city tour in acapulco 48055

Acapulco Shore Excursion: Comprehensive Acapulco City Tour

7 Reviews


Spend your time in port in Acapulco discovering the best of this seaside destination on a city tour shore excursion. Once the playground of Hollywood's rich and famous, Acapulco has a rich history, stunning Pacific Ocean scenery and extraordinary cliff-divers.

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Coyuca lagoon tour in acapulco in acapulco 160177

Coyuca Lagoon Tour in Acapulco

7 Reviews


Enjoy a cruise along the Coyuca Lagoon, one of the most picturesque and colorful parts of Acapulco. This area is famous for its tropical vegetation and has been the location for many Hollywood movies including Sylvester Stallone's Rambo II. Enjoy a magnificent buffet lunch in one of the world's most relaxing settings!

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Taxco in one day from acapulco in acapulco 146750

Taxco in One Day from Acapulco

5 Reviews


Taxco is a quaint colonial city located 170 miles north of Acapulco, in the mountains of the North Sierra. With a unique architectural style, the city is famous for its cobblestone streets and white stucco houses topped with red tiled roofs. Wrought iron balconies, a common adornment, are usually spilling over with beautiful flowers.

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Acapulco historical tour with divers show in acapulco 293602

Acapulco Historical Tour with Divers Show

1 Reviews


Discover Acapulco's historical heritage, visit the Chapel of Peace, the Fort of San Diego Museum and see Diego Rivera's Mural. Lastly, watch the amazing cliff divers show; you will also make a stop for shopping.

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High cliff diver exhibition and 3 course dinner in acapulco in acapulco 328280

High Cliff Diver Exhibition and 3-Course Dinner in Acapulco

0 Reviews


Enjoy a romantic open air three courses dinner at one of the best restaurants of Acapulco "The Bella Vista" of Las Brisas Hotel followed by a drive across the main avenue of Acapulco all the way to the west coast  and out of the bay to admire the and internationally famous divers of La Quebrada.

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Acapulco city tour divers chapel of peace and baby turtle release in acapulco 320041

Acapulco City Tour: Divers, Chapel of Peace and Baby Turtle Release

0 Reviews


Enjoy 4 hours in an excursion that has been designed to please every member of the family as it will take you to the most appealing and interesting sites in the city of Acapulco

On this excursion you will get to the west and east extremes as well as to the very top of Acapulco. You will also be explained about the lifestyle of the Mexicans as you drive to very interesting sites as your knowledgeable and fun loving tour guide tells you everything about this fabulous city.

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